Hcg Diet

human chorionic gonadotropinHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin drops also known as HCG drops are natural hormonal augmentations that play an important role in weight loss. These hormonal supplements are similar to the HCG hormones that are produced during the initial phases of pregnancy. The HCG drops help to relieve weight loss by raking excess fats that are found in body parts such as arms, waist and thighs. These drops promote weight loss by working in two phases. In the first phase, HCG drops are used to achieve fat loss while the second phase involves the use of a low calorie diet while maintaining the use of HCG drops to enhance weight loss.

HCG diet or 500 calorie diet can increase the rate of fat loss to about 1-2 lbs per day. This 500 calorie diet is a certified medical technique for weight loss. HCG drops and HCG diets are safe and cost effective strategy to lose fat without promoting side effects such as loss of lean muscles.

Benefits of Using HCG Drops and HCG Diets


There are dozens of benefits one can get from using HCG drops. However, these benefits may vary from one product to another. This article will focus on giving some of the most popular HCG diet reviews with their benefits, pros, cons and prices. The following are three best HCG diet reviews.

Hcg Ez Drops

3There are few HCG drops in the same class with the HCG drops. This drop is certified by the Food and Drug Administration. It aids fat lose with minimal or no side effects.

These are the common benefits of using the HCG Complex drops:

  • It normalizes the cholesterol level as well as reducing the risk of infection with coronary diseases.
  • It reduces the obligation of conducting vigorous exercises to enhance fat lose
  • It reduces the desire for sugary content
  • It enhances libido vigor for both sexes
  • It improves the degree of metabolism and relieves fat lose faster
  • It contains natural components that help in reducing weight with minimal side effects

Review of Easy HCG for Weight Loss

easyhcg-headerHCG is another top-rated HCG drop that is tested and proved as a weight loss tool. This product is safe and widely used across the globe. It comprises amino acids that assist the body to adjust to a lower quantity calorie diet. The following are major benefits of using the HCG triumph:

  • Unlike HCG injections, HCG triumph is painless and less expensive
  • It contains liquid amino acids that utilize HCG hormones derived from processes of homeopathic genre.
  • It is widely recommended by most diet coaches and has no reported side effects

Easy HCG Reviews : HCG Diet Drops For Weight Loss

The Easy HCG is a remarkable weight lose tool that has been used for quite long thanks to its meticulous manufacturer. The easy brand has assisted many men and women to increase their weight loss. It is one of the most effective HCG products currently. With unlimited support and access to advices, the Easy HCG makes a perfect procedure for weight loss.

Other Benefits include the following:

  • It is fast and effective
  • It is cheaper and painless unlike other expensive HCG injections
  • Access to advice and other recipes
  • Money back guarantee

Pros and Cons of the HCG Diet

ssssNaturally, HCG drops have no side effects. Unlike most underground weight loss products, HCG drops contain no harmful chemicals. In most cases, exercises are normally recommended to increase weight loss. Contrariwise, HCG products promote the weight loss without necessitating an exercise regimen.

While HCG drops and HCG diets are efficient for losing weight, there are certain sacrifices that are involved. Using these drops requires that users have to stick to a diet plan throughout the entire weight loss period. This strategy can be boring and tiresome. Nonetheless, the benefits of using HCG drops are worthy when compared to their disadvantages.

 How Much Does hCG Cost?

The cost of HCG products can vary from one brand to another. This is often dictated by the quality of the product. However, this may not be necessarily true for all HCG products. Some top-rated HCG products can cost a few bucks. Bottles of HCG complex and Easy HCG may cost about $60 at Amazon thought it usually varies from one vendor to another. On the other hand, a bottle Easy ez may cost about $64 per bottle. Most of these products are available at Amazon.com.

Most people who have used the HCG drops before have reported favorable results. With no resultant side effects, HCG drops have helped many people to increase their fat loss. When used with HCG diets, HCG drops increase weight loss even more significantly. Although some individual users have reported weight loss of up to 5lbs, most preliminary studies have reported an average weight loss of around 2-3lbs. These studies indicate that HCG drops and HCG diets are viable weight loss tools.